Wednesday Morning Seminars

Mission to Pakistan: An Open Door in the Middle of the 10-40 Window 
Eliah Massey & Brad Johnston
Ten years of sowing by one national with his Korean professors, then an RPC congregation, then a presbytery, and now our denomination have produced a sturdy congregation-in-formation and introduced Reformation faith in largely unreached places. Recent visitors will relate this compelling story through photos and testimonies from siblings you have not met … yet! Attend, then pray.

Abortion: Addressing the Root as Christians
H.P. McCracken
Abortion has been a legal right in the U.S. for 43 years and 55 million babies have been murdered since. How can we, as Christians, most effectively oppose this evil and bring the Gospel to bear? How can we address the root of this problem? What sorts of efforts are ongoing and most effective? We will ask and begin to answer some of these questions.

The Friendship Bible Study; Ministering with Adults with Disabilities
Rich Johnston
It is reported that the most unreached people group in North America is disabled adults. Friendship is a Bible Study meeting of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and volunteer companions interacting one-on-one and in small groups to study God’s Word. Come learn how to begin and grow a small group in your church. Our mission is to minister with adults with disabilities by deepening relationships, overcoming difficulties and using our spiritual gifts.

Mark Sampson

The Ceiling of Self: Understanding and Engaging the Culture of “a Million Little Gods”
Pastor Rut Etheridge, Geneva College Chaplain
Hope for a flourishing life rooted in truth is stolen from young people at earlier and earlier ages. They’re taught to claim the power of self-definition and therefore the right to rule all of life. Worst of all, they’ve been taught, often by Christians, that God wants it this way. Come learn how to engage with Christ’s freeing gospel a generation raw-nerved and restless, suffering the soul-suffocating consequences of self-deification.

Digital Church: A technology guide for church leaders
Venkatesh & Sarmishta G.
We are at a crucial cusp of history. A new wave of Reformation is sweeping through the world, and it’s coming through the Internet. Pastors and churches that have taken advantage of digital technologies have taken the Gospel far and wide. How may God be preparing you to effectively use these technologies to minister the Gospel or simplify your ministry? Join us in this practical seminar on key technologies that help the local church better organize and reach out to its neighbors, near and far.

Parenting Young Kids: Advice from the Trenches
Adam and Anne Niess
Do you know the struggle of raising young kids? You’re not the only one, so come and be helped! In this seminar, we will have a panel discussion consisting of three couples, not who know all the answers, but who are currently in the trenches. Many topics will be covered, and there will be opportunity to ask your questions.

Why Homeschooling?:The View from Inside
Ken and Carolyn de Jong
This seminar is designed for people who are considering homeschooling, considering not homeschooling, or wondering why family members or friends are homeschooling. We hope to cover the basic considerations and then talk through the various stages of homeschooling that we have experienced, from all of them being small, through the middle-year crises, to homeschooling highschool, and finally reflections on graduation and beyond. Bring questions.

From Unlikely Convert to Reluctant Speaker
Rosaria Butterfield
What does a Reformed Presbyterian learn while speaking biblical truth to a wide range of Christian and secular audiences across the country, amidst pushbacks and protests? Dr. Rosaria Butterfield’s speeches and interviews have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the internet, but in this videotaped interview she exclusively addresses RP International 2016 conferencegoers, speaking in a much more personal way than she could with broader audiences. Hear some stories you won’t hear anywhere else, and learn how you can support her in prayer. This interview will not be shown after this week and won’t be available in print or online; so this is your one opportunity.

The Transforming Friendship: Drawing Closer to God through the Joys of Prayer
Harry Metzger
It has been said that “Prayer is a discipline before it becomes a joy; after it becomes a joy, it is still a discipline.” In this workshop, we will explore both the disciplines and the joys of prayer, as well as sharing practical tips on how to increase our friendship with God through prayer and discovering the rewards of prayer.

Wednesday Afternoon Seminars

Cross Cultural Discipleship Ministry; Forming Teams at Home and Abroad
Vince Ward & Dean Filson
Do you sense a calling to missions but know you need more tools and training to reach the nations around you at home or abroad? Vince Ward and the Indianapolis cross-cultural team will share their vision, curriculum, and experience as Christ’s ambassadors. Hear how this team was equipped with evangelism and disciple-making tools to reach their international neighbors. Ambassadors for Christ teams are discipling communities on mission. Come and see how you can be involved.

Scottish Metrical Psalm Sing: Free Psalter for the First 100 Participants
Sean McDonald and Craig Scott
The Scottish Psalter of 1650 is today still used in the public and private worship of God. Join with us in singing together from this Psalter, renowned for centuries for its faithfulness to the Hebrew and its simplicity to use. The first one hundred participants will receive a free pocket Psalter.

Asking Good Questions: Drawing out Deep Waters
Garrett and Charity Mann
Effective ministry targets people’s hearts. How can we break through shallow conversations and draw out the most important aspects of a person’s life and experience? In this seminar, we will lay a Biblical foundation, discuss potential hindrances, and propose practical strategies for asking questions as a means of drawing out the deep waters of people’s hearts.

Especially for Treasurers and Financial People: Not Another Boring Talk on Finances!
Bill Roberts and Cheryl Hemphill
Discusses best practices and how to avoid the IRS (or even the courts).  Consider the following: (1) Do you have clear, written procedures for collecting, counting, depositing and reporting finances?  (2) Are two unrelated adults always with the money from collection to deposit?  (3) Some long time members asked that their grandchild be baptized. The “parents” are a same-sex couple and when the pastor refuses to perform the baptism, the couple threaten to sue.  What do you do?

Refugee Care in the Local Church: Who, How, and Why
Daniel Howe
Who are refugees, why are they arriving, and how should churches respond? The Syrian civil war has made these public questions. Since 2007 Christ RPC (Providence, RI) has welcomed over 60 individuals from East Africa. Pastor Daniel Howe will tell this story and explore practical ways RP congregations can welcome, pastor, and worship with the sojourners in our midst.

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