Conference Committee

Please use the following email addresses to get in touch with those on the RP International 2024 Conference Committee:

International Contacts

If you have any questions regarding the conference and would prefer to speak to someone in your own country, please contact those below. If they cannot help you, they will forward your question to the conference staff.

Maria Pockras
0423 276 312 (mobile)

Karin Foster

Tony & Bekah Mastris
357 99 718805

Robert Robb
075 18020228

Kihei and Amelia Takiura
090 3719 5741

Beth Bogue
01236 620107 (office)

Other Conference Staff

  • Seminar Coordinators: Nathan Eshelman & Pete Smith
  • College Program Coordinators: Michael and Tori Sturm
  • High School Program Coordinators: Paul Hemphill (YLT)
  • Middle School Program Coordinators: Martin & Kathy Blocki
  • Junior Program Coordinators: Meg Morton & Jennifer George
  • Nursery through Kindergarten Coordinator: Dianne Schaefer

Special Needs

Financial Assistance

The Board to Address Disability Concerns would like to provide financial help for any person with disabilities, as well as their caregiver. Please contact Bill Weir by email ( or phone (412-872-7123) if you have a disability and need financial assistance.

Accessible Equipment

If you need accessible equipment, such as a wheelchair or a golf cart, please contact Jack Dillard as soon as possible at or 620-278-6012.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have special dietary restrictions, please contact Kyle Reed at or 785-438-0778.