Lodging Options

IWU has the standard two-bedroom dorm suite, four-bedroom dorm suites, and three lodges containing two- and three-bedroom lodge suites. All requests are subject to registrar review as housing is coordinated for all attendees, and preference is given to large families in the larger suites.

Dorm Suites:

  • All of the dorms contain dorm suites, two bedrooms (two single beds each) sharing a bath.
  • Individuals can choose to share a room with another person, or pay more for a room to themselves.
  • Single adults and all high school students, along with their counselors, will be in this type of lodging.
  • Married couples without middle school or younger dependents will also be assigned to this type of lodging.
  • Families can also select the dorm suites. Depending on the size and ages of the family, they may need to be housed in more than one dorm suite, or one or more members may be housed at the individual rate in nearby rooms.

Four-Bedroom Dorm Suites

  • There are a limited number of four-bedroom dorm suites available for families.
  • The four-bedroom suites contain four bedrooms with two single beds each, a living room, and a single large bathroom with two showers, sinks, and commodes.

Two- and Three-Bedroom Lodge Suites

  • IWU has three lodges, which contain two- and three-bedroom suites.
  • Each bedroom has two single beds, and each suite has a living room and a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave (no cooking or dining utensils are provided).
  • The two-bedroom suite has one bathroom.
  • The three-bedroom suite has two bathrooms.


  • IWU has a number of townhouses. All have three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The registrars will assign these interchangeably with the three-bedroom lodge suites.
  • Each bedroom has two single beds.
  • Each townhouse has a living room and a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave (no cooking or dining utensils are provided).

Middle School and High School Housing

Those entering 9th–12th grades will be staying in a separate dorm with counselors.

Those entering 6th-8th grades will be under the supervision of counselors during the morning but housed and under the care of their parents or a guardian the remainder of the day and night.

Anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent or an adult (over the age of 21) who will serve as a guardian and chaperone for the young person. If there are disciplinary problems with any young person, the parent/guardian will be expected to help in solving them and, if necessary, may be required to take the young person home early at their own expense.

Housing for those attending part-time

Part-time attendees are limited to housing in the dorm rooms, unless there are family members attending full-time with room in their suite. While we want to accommodate a variety of attendance needs, suites are a relatively scarce commodity, and it’s better to get full-time use out of them.


All beds on campus are single, more specifically extra-long twin.