Monday Morning Seminars

Church Planting in India: A report and update on the soon-­to­-be­-launched India Mission
Venkatesh G. and Dr. R. Rao
In this seminar, the leaders of the RP Church Planting Team will be talking about how the RP work in India came to be, what the Lord has done in the past three years to prepare the team, and what are the plans for launching this in the near future.

The Impossible Task?: Home Missions
Nathan Eshelman. Home Mission Board President
The work of the bringing the gospel to North America is am impossible task! We cannot do it. Join Nathan Eshelman as we discuss the work of the Home Mission Board in seeing how churches are planted throughout North America and the means by which Jesus uses to plant his congregations. The RPCNA realizes that apart from Him, we can do nothing. It is His work, through the ordinary means of grace, that He is doing extraordinary things! Come and hear about our church plants and explore how you can participate in seeing the great commission fulfilled from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Biblical Counseling in the Local Church: There’s an App for That!
Mark and Sharon Sampson
Jesus said in this world we will have tribulation, and Paul reminded us that the things written in the past are provided to give us hope. Counseling others is the work of “The Sacrificing Church,” and God has provided an app for that! Come learn some basics of applying God’s Word that we may offer comfort and hope in times of distress.

Shape of the Psalter: Discovering the Sequence of the Psalms
Michael LeFebvre
Have you ever wondered why the 150 Psalms are in the order in which we have received them? Many Christians think of the Psalms as a collection of praises assembled randomly. However, recent scholarship has demonstrated that the collection was compiled into its present order with great care and purpose. This workshop will explore some of these insights.

Conversion Stories: Sharing the Work of Christ to Build up the Church
Megan Morton
Do you know the stories of how other members of your congregation came to Christ? In this workshop, I will argue that learning to tell the stories of Christ’s work in our salvation and ongoing work of our sanctification stories helps us to recognize one another as the “living stones” that make up the Church.

Suffering Servants: The Realities of Life & Ministry from the Perspective of Pastors’ Wives
A discussion on the realities of ministry life for our pastor’s wives who suffer alongside them and the congregations they love, enduring faithfully for the sake of so many. Provided by RP Vital Churches.

Teenagers: Raising them, learning from them, praying for them
Herb and Patty McCracken; Andy and Amy Leong; Craig and Shana Milroy
An open forum on raising our teenagers. The hope is to address 8-10 of the top challenges of raising kids in the Kingdom as we live in this world. Three couples will share their experiences, challenges, blessings and failures. Two of the couples are in the middle of teen years, one will add from the adoption perspective, one couple is at the tail end of parenting teens.

Public Education, Private Discipleship; Helping Covenant Children Thrive at the Local School
Brad  Johnston and Lana Todd
Jesus said “no one can serve two masters” (Matt. 6:24). The RPCNA Testimony admonishes parents to “take care to counteract unbiblical teaching given to their children” (RPT 24.34). This seminar will present big ideas and practical tips for parents and students choosing the public education route. Don’t underestimate the role of family worship, Scripture memory and catechism to ground even a secular education in Christ!

Meet the Authors!
Crown & Covenant Publications
Several Reformed Presbyterian authors talk about what inspired their books and what projects they have in the works. Get sneak peaks of upcoming books, and ask questions of the authors. Discuss topics like millennials and Scripture, prayers of the Bible, deepening your knowledge of the psalter, and more. Featuring authors Gordon Keddie, Wayne Spear, Denny Prutow, Rut Etheridge, and more. Sponsored by Crown & Covenant Publications.

Devotions: Renewing the Practice of our Union with Christ
Jared Olivetti
This workshop will explore our union with Christ as the theological foundation for our devotional life. We will seek to renew this vital spiritual discipline by drawing the “what” and the “how” from the “why” and the “who” of our private devotional lives.

Monday Afternoon Seminars

A Reformed Presbyterian Mission to Korea
Pastor Namsik Yang
Do you have a Samsung phone? Do you know anyone who drives a Hyundai car? Do you know about K-pop? All of those things are very great, of course, but have you heard of a Reformed Presbyterian mission to the Korean people? Join Pastor Namsik Yang as he explores the history and future of reformed missions in the land of Korea. Have you ever considered that God may be calling you to serve him in Korea? Korea is a land that still needs evangelism and reforming  in the church. Would you come along Pastor Yang as the kingdom is built among the Korean people?

Leading the Singing: What To Do and How To Do It
Pastor John D. Edgar
Are you leading the singing at church but don’t feel qualified? Is your church plant about to make the jump to regular worship? Are you a pastor who doesn’t even know what he needs to know about music? This workshop is for you. Led by an experienced precentor and former Home Mission Board president.

Restoring Hearts & Homes: A Layperson’s Ministry Efforts in the Inner-City
Autumn Butler, Executive Director, Wilkinsburg Christian Housing
What is it like ministering in an urban setting? How can the local church love its neighbors amidst poverty, brokenness and spiritual apathy? Autumn Butler, executive director of Wilkinsburg Christian Housing and member of Covenant Fellowship RP Church, will give her story of living and working in Wilkinsburg, a once thriving suburb of Pittsburgh that now struggles with urban decay.

Last Act of Stewardship; Your Greatest Opportunity
Don Reed
The very last thing we do in this life is to steward everything God has given to us. How well will we do it? Are you ready for your greatest act of stewardship?


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